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WEALD is an agency borne of the content creation wing of the Wilderness Bureau creative collective. 

Driven by Raul Zahir De Leon, a lifetime student of music, arts, politics and culture, and has worked on projects that have been featured through outlets as diverse as Discovery, National Geographic, A&E, Tech Crunch, VICE, Pitchfork Media, 20th Century Fox, WAMU, NPR, AARP, New York Times, Washington Post, MTV, DC Public Libraries, and many more.

WEALD connects a rotating cast of skilled collaborators to the right projects, in order to ensure the highest quality creative output. For video, motion, edit, production for digital, television, and film, we can help you take your project through all levels of creation—from conception through post-production and delivery.


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5224 5th St, NW
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T: +1 202 431 3847
E:  hello@wealdstudio.com

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