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WEALD represents the content creation wing of the Wilderness Bureau creative collective. 

Driven by Raul Zahir De Leon, a lifetime student of music, arts, politics and culture, and has worked on projects that have been featured through outlets as diverse as Discovery, A&E, Tech Crunch, VICE, FOX, AARP, WAMU/NPR, DC Public Libraries, New York Times, Washington Post, Pitchfork Media, MTV, and many more.

WEALD is able to connect a rotating cast of skilled collaborators to the right projects, in order to ensure a high quality creative output. For video, motion, edit, production for digital, television, and film, we can help you take your project through all levels of creation, from conception through post-production and delivery.


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5224 5th St, NW
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T: +1 202 431 3847
E:  hello@wealdstudio.com

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